Choose Faith

Choose Faith

My daughter Abby delivered Baby Bear in late August…several weeks before his due date. After the ordeal, I shared the following message on Facebook, and I received a huge response. It’s amazing how our family’s story has touched others! I hope this blesses and encourages you today.

When Abby struggled with preeclampsia and her blood pressure shot up to dangerous levels, we had to choose faith. And when the doctor had to induce labor more than a month before Baby Bear’s due date, we had to choose faith. And when 34 hours of labor didn’t work and Bear had to be taken by emergency c-section, we had to choose faith. And when Bear had to spend two weeks in the NICU while Abby battled HELLP Syndrome following Baby Bear’s delivery, we had to again choose faith. And today, on the other side of that scary season, we rejoice and praise God for His faithfulness.

The facts weren’t always in our favor, but God was always on our side.

Choose faith over the facts. Choose faith in the face of fear. Choose faith because it pleases God.

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