Jiffy Pop Dreams

Jiffy Pop Dreams


As I stood there, arms stretched toward heaven, worshipping God that Sunday morning, I heard from God in the most unique and intimate way. He showed me an image of Jiffy Pop popcorn in its silver self-contained stovetop popping pan. (You know the kind, right? The kind that as you shake the container over a burner, you’ll eventually hear that first “pop,” and then lots of “pops” follow until the bag bursts open with popcorn.)

The vision continued and as I waited for that first kernel to pop, I heard God say, “It seems like it takes a very long time for that first kernel to pop, but once it begins, many follow and it happens very quickly. One right after another…that’s how it will be with your books. It will seem like it takes a long time for that first book to get published, but once it happens, many books will follow and very quickly.” 

That day was a turning point in my life because God confirmed that the things I’d been writing about in my journal would someday come to pass.

Now, when I saw this and heard God’s explanation of what He was showing me, it all seemed unreal. I mean, I believed I was hearing from God, but I never dreamed I’d be the author of many books, and that it would happen in such a dynamic way. I was a School of Journalism grad from Indiana University, and though I had written hundreds of newspaper and magazine articles in my career, the thought of writing a book worthy of publication seemed a pretty far stretch. Still, that desire was in my heart, I just hadn’t shared it with anyone except my private journal.

That day was a turning point in my life because God confirmed that the things I’d been writing about in my journal would someday come to pass.

And they did.

That very next year, I sold my first children’s book at a Christian Writers Conference in New Mexico. And then the “popping” continued. That first “kernel popped” in 1999, and today I have more than 80 books published. It was just as God said it would be. All I had to do was believe it, receive it, and run with it.

Has He shown you a glimpse of your future? Has He placed big dreams in your heart—dreams you’ve never shared with anyone for fear they’d mock you? If He has, begin praising Him, even before that first kernel pops. Thank Him in advance for all that He is doing to prepare the way for your dreams to manifest in an absolutely magnificent way. And, don’t be afraid to believe big! We serve a more-than-enough kind of God.

Pray this with me: “Father, thank You for placing big dreams in my heart and for confirming them as only You can. I trust You, Lord, and I’m so thankful that You are guiding my steps and bringing my dreams to pass in such a way that I can be more useful for the Kingdom. In the Mighty Name of Your Son, Jesus, Amen.”

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  1. Michelle, bless you for sharing this! My little aluminum pan is getting hotter by the minute and I’m trusting God for those kernels to start exploding any time! …for such a time like this!

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