What Other Are Saying
About Michelle's Writers' Conferences & Workshops

“The first time I attended one of Michelle’s workshops, I walked in excited, but intimidated, by her tremendous success – over 70 books and 1,000 articles, for which she’s won several awards. Before I could sit down, she’d already eased my trepidation with her genuine warmth and a bag of chocolate. Michelle then proceeded to pack more into her workshop than I’d have imagined possible. She offers a wealth of helpful resources and years of advice to make our path to publication smoother. She’s the quintessential coach and cheerleader. She not only gives you the knowledge you need to get where you want to go, she stands beside you and helps you believe you can actually do it.” - http://jeanwilund.com/?s=Michelle+Adams

Jean Wilund,
Bible Teacher, Blogger and a Word Weavers Intl. chapter president.
"Michelle Medlock Adams blessed our women's retreat with her solid bible teaching and engaging storytelling!  She has learned to make no excuses for who God has made her to be and impresses on women to find their worth in Christ and use their gifts boldly for Him.  Michelle has a beautiful heart that shows in her love for writing books for children, mothers and women of all ages."

Julia Hudelson
Women's Retreat Director, Mount Pleasant Christian Church, Bedford IN
“I cannot imagine our conference--Florida Christian Writers Conference--without Michelle Medlock Adams' input. She is not only an informative teacher in smaller workshops, she is beyond excellent in her role as a continuing class leader. Michelle also brings sass to "after hours" sessions, keeping folks awake and learning! Michelle is what we call a "triple-threat." She has knowledge and is willing to share it in a number of genres. She's simply what CWCs are all about.”

Eva Marie Everson
Director, Florida Christian Writers Conference
“I have worked with Michelle at several conferences and observed her at major book conventions. Michelle is a dynamic, charismatic, entertaining speaker and writer who inspires her listeners to believe they can achieve anything they set their minds to. No one leaves her presentations without renewed enthusiasm for their own endeavors and appreciation for this gifted woman who is just as beautiful inside as she is outside.”

Jeanne Dennis
host at Heritage of Truth TV
“Maybe you've heard the line, ‘If you like books or sausage, it's better if you don't really know how they're made.’ This wouldn't be true of books if all authors were like Michelle. She has great ideas for improving projects and for marketing, she writes beautifully and puts herself into each project. She always delivers amazing work on time and if that weren't already an editor's dream....her outgoing and friendly personality makes what can be a sticky, messy business a whole lot of fun!” 

Carol Layton
Former Senior Editor at Carson-Dellosa Publishing/Communications Manager at NCBAM
“Michelle Medlock Adams is a great teacher. She offers information for several age groups and types of writing. I took her continuing class at the Florida Christian Writers conference 2014 ‘The Wonderful World of Writing for Children.’ The writing world was still very new to me at that time. In her classes, she taught me some of the language of publishing, and what was needed for each age level for the children. I didn't know there was a word count or what words were appropriate for each level. Michelle recommended the Children's Writers Word Book as a reference guide that has been very valuable for me. Thank you Michelle for everything that you share in your classes.” 

Jann Martin
Christian Children’s Book Author
“Michelle is not only my biggest cheerleader, but she also is to hundreds of other writers across the country. Michelle is a wonderful mentor, and always pushes those around her to a level of excellence that she exudes herself. I would recommend Michelle as a mentor, motivational speaker, writer, or journalist. Her strong work ethic, and commitment to perfection is apparent in everything she touches. I can't begin to say enough positive things about her, and she'll surpass every expectation an employer could ask of her.” 

Laurie Epps, Freelance writer and editor
"I attended Michelle Medlock Adams continuing class, ‘The World of Writing for Children’ at the Florida Christian Writers Conference in 2015 even though I do not write for children. I was amazed by what she taught me. It was not all about writing for kids, but of course that was part of it. She advised us to branch out and write for non-fiction publications and a myriad of magazine publications that I did not even know existed. She has so much knowledge that exuberantly spills out of her that you are never bored.

She is more than just a conference speaker; she is a life coach. I made an appointment to meet with her and she helped to guide the future steps of my career as a freelance and non-fiction Christian author. I highly recommend Michelle as a coach and a conference speaker." 

Susan Neal
RN, MBA, MHS (ChristianYoga.com)
“Michelle Adams is at the top of the freelance writing field. Her years of experience give her a depth and an insight that only an expert can offer. Beyond that, she understands how to combine the best in customer service with a stellar writing ability. I highly recommend you contact her for your next project!”

Edie Melson, Military Family Blogger at Guideposts, Director of the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference
"Michelle Medlock Adams was the first person to show me the possibilities and value of treating my writing like a career. Her knowledge, enthusiastic delivery methods, and generosity when sharing what she knows make her a conference favorite. Michelle and her ministry are my role models, and now that she's moved away, Texas will never be the same!"

Valeria Vick
Glorieta Writers' Conference and  NTCWC
"I sat in on Michelle's class about researching at the North Texas Christian Writers Conference last weekend (Sept. 2006), and she gave excellent tips that I have already used. A person could not possibly leave one of her sessions without being ready to write and research. Her enthusiasm is contagious. I am encouraged to continue pressing forward because she took the time to use her experiences to help me grow. Thank you so much, Michelle."

Barbara Oden
Nevertheless Ministries
"Though hearing Michelle speak only once, I felt God encourage me through her to press on in my writing career. Her stories inspired me to focus on the ultimate goal of glorifying Him rather than dwell on the obstacles of rejection. She offered passionate insight on how to effectively write for God and professional perspective on success as a journalist and freelance writer. It's inspiring to see how God has used her to touch so many people. I hope I can say the same a few years down the road."

Janet Goreham
Assistant Editor, Sharing the Victory
Fellowship of Christian Athletes 
"Michelle Medlock Adams is an encouraging and energetic writing instructor. Her dynamic presence and solid knowledge of the children's market come together to create a highly beneficial learning experience for new and advanced writers."

Suzanne Slade
author of more than 100 children’s books 
"When I set faculty standards for the Pikes Peak Writers' Conference, I wanted accomplished writers who would offer practical tips to aspiring writers to help them improve their skills. I wanted PPWC participants to leave on Sunday with a new arsenal of techniques and with renewed enthusiasm and confidence.

"Michelle Medlock Adams proved to be an ideal teacher for the Pikes Peak Writers' Conference. Her enthusiasm and bubbly personality added immensely to the faculty's stature. I attended her class on article writing, and Michelle packed every minute with useful information that could help any writer who wanted to publish short pieces.

"Michelle is one of the very best faculty members we invited during my many years with the Pikes Peak Writers' Conference. She is fun to listen to and would be a great asset to any writers conference that focuses on practical tips and techniques."

Jimmie H. Butler
Founder, Pikes Peak Writers' Conference
Colorado Springs, CO 
"Michelle told students to keep reading and writing every day. She encouraged students to writing stories and get them published now! The great writers of our school in grades 3, 4, and 5 ate lunch with Michelle. Many were inspired to continue working on their writing projects. Christian is continuing to write a mystery featuring a boy trapped in his messy room. Abby is working on the third chapter of her WWI historical fiction novel.
"Our student population is high poverty, over 70%. We are not quite to the level of passing our state scores, but we continue to make great gains in language arts. A day with Michelle Medlock Adams has been a tremendous boost to our writing program! Besides the information she gave the kids during the presentations, she is a loving and caring author."

The following are quotes from students from answers to the question: What did you learn about writing from Mrs. Adams?
  • Abby—"That you can write any kind of book."
  • Jake—"You can get a long ways in life with writing."
  • Joceline—"I learned that it's not always about the money. It's about focusing on writing. I also decided to write a book called Michelle Adams for Sale. It's about me wanting her job.... I used to think I could never write a story, but now she makes me want to write more."
  • Michael—"You always have to pay attention and be a good inverviewer."
  • Christian—"She showed me all of the things you can do with writing."

Peggy Billiard, Teacher-librarian
Columbia Elementary School
Logansport, Indiana
"Michelle Medlock Adams is a breath of fresh air. She brought incredible energy, insight, and passion for writing to our event. Conferees raved about her workshops and her one-to-one mentoring session. I've already invited her back for next year's event!"

Lawrence W. Wilson
Editorial Director, Wesleyan Publishing House
Director, Indianapolis Christian Writers' Conference 
"Michelle captivates her audience both through her writing and through her teaching. She offers her knowledge genuinely and passionately. You can't help but embrace her enthusiasm and accept her encouragement. Her classes on writing for children address every aspect of the industry. When I entered her class for the first time, I didn't know anything about the writing industry. After several sessions, Michelle had shared the basics and way beyond, and had given us the inside scoop to help us on our way to being published authors. I came away from her classes feeling like I have potential and the ability to succeed. Once you spend a few minutes with Michelle you can clearly see evidence that she loves the Lord and loves what she does. I felt blessed after attending her classes and hope to meet up with Michelle at other conferences."

Jennifer Archer 
"The Christian Writing Conference for Young Adults was so much fun! It was neat meeting different authors and hearing what it's really like being an author. My favorite was Michelle Medlock Adams. She was so funny and sweet... and I learned so much from her. I learned how to write a good book proposal and the steps to getting works published (all the while keeping Jesus in everything!) She made learning so interesting! And she had so much patience with the many questions I had! I really appreciate everything she taught me... now I'm on my way to being an author too! I really have a respect for her and her work and am amazed at how much God has blessed her too!"

Sarah, 16