Programs for Women's Groups

Michelle would love to come speak at your Christian Women's Meeting, Mothers of Preschoolers groups (MOPS), or other mothers'/women's groups! Feel free to  contact her for availability and fees.

Michelle offers the following programs to women's groups:

You Are a V.I.P.—Valuable, Iconic and Precious. In this talk, (especially geared for tween and teen girls) Michelle shares what makes us valuable, iconic and precious to the Lord. She encourages girls to see themselves through God’s eyes and step into the destinies He has for them.

The Rules of Royalty. In this talk about Esther, Michelle shares three aspects of royalty that can be learned from the story of Esther, and what it takes to go from a pauper to a Princess. She encourages every teen girl/woman to place that crown on her head and realize that she is a daughter of the Most High King.

The V-Dub Club. In this talk, Michelle shares the earmarks of a Victorious Woman of God and how to shine brighter than the best “bling” for God. A very fun yet spiritual talk for a women’s event. (Fun to pair with a makeover session or a style show.)

I Will Not Be Afraid. Based on her popular children’s book, “I Will Not Be Afraid,” Michelle discusses the definition of fear and how we allow fear to creep into our lives via dread and worry. Sharing personal family stories with the Word of God woven into each example, Michelle encourages listeners to “ignore the roar” of the devil and declare once and for all, “I Will Not Be Afraid!”

"Fill my Cup, Lord"—In this two part message (perfect for a women’s retreat), Michelle explains how important it is for us to allow God to fill us up with His love. Using the scripture “And to know the love of Christ, which passeth knowledge, that ye might be filled with all the fullness of God” (Ephesians 3:19), Michelle shares that the “fullness of God” – and all that it encompasses-- can’t come until you truly know the love of God. In her second session, “Fill Our C.U.P.S. With Joy,” Michelle shares the four things it takes to truly experience the God kind of joy in your life.  .

The Wind is At Work. In this inspirational talk, Michelle encourages women to keep their eyes on the prize and trust that God is at work behind the scenes—just like the wind.

Pink Promises. In this touching talk, Michelle shares about discovering how much her Heavenly Father loved her after the death of her own earthly father. This talk is especially good for those who struggle with accepting the love of the Father. Women will walk away with an overwhelming sense of love straight from the throne of God.

Don't Let Your Past Dictate your Future. In this inspiring talk, Michelle urges women to leave the past in the past at last and move toward the destiny that God has for them.

Unwavering Faith or Fair-weathered Faith. In this teaching, Michelle challenges listeners to evaluate their own faith. She asks the question, "Do you love and trust God all the time or only when your prayers are answered in the way you want them to be answered?"

Get Ready to Blow! In this exciting and encouraging session, Michelle urges women to hang onto their dreams and feel good about the waiting times in life. Like a musician counting beats until time to "blow her horn," we have to keep our eyes on the Master Conductor.

Get a New Hannah-tude. You know the praise and worship chorus, "It's all about you" that we sing unto the Lord? Well, many of us don't live those lyrics. We think it's all about us. In this session, Michelle will encourage women to live out the words of that little chorus, "It's all about you, Lord," and challenge them to get a new Hannahtude based on the story Hannah.

Pink Blanket Breakdowns and Other Life Challenges. The Bible tells us that in this world, we'll have trouble. So, why are we so surprised when we encounter everyday aggravations? In this session, Michelle will stir up your faith to stand strong, trust God and push through the small aggravations and big battles. God cares about every one—small and big.

Blonde Faith. There are no dumb blondes in the Kingdom of God—did you know that? The Bible says we are to have a childlike faith. In this encouraging session, Michelle shares five faith principles—principles that will give listeners an assurance of their salvation and their destinies in Christ Jesus.

Make your Words Work for You. In this straight-talking session, Michelle encourages listeners to say what the Word says about them. Proverbs 18:21 says, "Death and life are in the power of the tongue; and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof." Words are like seeds of a plant or a flower. Once we speak them, they take root and produce after their own kind—good or bad. As a former sportswriter, Michelle shares how professional athletes have risen to the top and sunk to the bottom not because of their physical abilities, but rather because of their mouths. Make an investment in your future by getting your mouth in line with God's Word today!

Talitha Koum: Little Girl, Get up! Taken from the passage in Mark 5, Michelle shares that it's time for God's children to get up and get to what God has for them in this life. Too many men and women of God have been held back, held down and just holding on, hoping and praying that life will get better. Well, life is about to get better! Michelle brings an inspiring message of hope and faith in this talk suitable for congregations or women's groups.

A New Beginning. Have you ever felt like you were hitting a wall in your Christian walk, that simply can't move forward? Well, chances are you need a new beginning. You may need to let go of some unforgiveness in your heart; you may need to trust God to do things His way; you may need to quit looking for your blessings behind “Door Number One” when God is calling you to walk through “Door Number Two.” In this inspiring session, Michelle encourages listeners to let go and let God...

The following are sessions Michelle teaches at Marriage Enrichment Workshops:

Behind Every Good Man is a Great Woman. In this session, Michelle opens with a clip from a sports movie that beautifully illustrates a wife supporting her man—no matter what—and then she lets the women know that hundreds of men who were polled listed that very scene from that movie as the most romantic scene in the history of movies... why? That's what will be explored in this session.

The Power of the NeckRemember the scene from the movie “My Big, Fat Greek Wedding” where the Mama tells her daughter, “The man is the head but the woman is the neck and she can turn the head any way she wants…”? Well, that’s absolutely true! In this fun talk, Michelle shares from the First Peter 3 text and details the secrets to a happy home.